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Background information
Also known asSupermodel (1996)
OriginBakersfield, California, United States
GenresFunk metal, alternative metal
Years active1991–1993
Associated acts
Past membersJonathan Davis
Dennis Shinn
Ryan Shuck
Ray Solis
Dave DeRoo
Richard Morrill

SexArt (stylized as Sexart, or Sex Art) was an American funk metal band that formed in 1991.[1]

SexArt - Band[edit]


SexArt formed in 1991 in Bakersfield, California, founded by Dennis Shinn. They are best known for being the band that Jonathan Davis was in, before he became the singer for Korn[2] in 1993. As SexArt, the music group line-up; Jonathan Davis vocalist / singer, David DeRoo played bass, Dennis Shinn played drums, Ray Solis, and Ryan Shuck played guitar.[3] Ty Elam (singer from Videodrone, also known as the band Cradle of Thorns) appeared as a guest vocalist, sharing vocal duties on the only released SexArt track, "Inside", which featured on the Bakersfield Ca. compilation cd Cultivation '92[4] on the indie label "A Kick Produkt". SexArt performed shows often, and throughout the course of two (2) years. SexArt participated in both the 1993 Kern County, and Fresno County "Battle Of The Bands" contests, and won them both. The band recorded six (6) songs total, over the course of three (3) recording sessions from 1992, and 1993. The recordings were produced inside the Rick Davis recording studio "Fat Tracks" - Bakersfield Ca. The songs chosen to be recorded; 1: Blind,[5] 2: Follow Me, 3: I Wanna Know Why, 4: Give Up, 5: Waste My Time, and 6: Inside. Jonathan Davis left the band in early 1993. Following Davis's departure, Richard Morrill auditioned, and became the new singer for SexArt. Richard Morrill previously sang for Bakersfield music group L.A.P.D.. (whom later became the band Korn, having Jonathan Davis as their new singer). The SexArt (band), along with Richard Morrill, relocated from Bakersfield, to Los Angeles, Ca. Where they changed the group name to SuperModel.


Formed late 1993, SuperModel (previously named SexArt) joined with ex-singer L.A.P.D. member, Richard Morrill, and moved from Bakersfield Ca. to Los Angeles, Ca. After a year, on the later side of 1994, the band relocated to Huntington Beach Ca.. The band maintained a steady live performance all around Southern Ca. until they broke up in early 1996. SuperModel had seven (7) songs. None of which were released, nor professionally recorded.

SuperModel (post SexArt)[edit]

Post-SexArt / SuperModel[edit]

After leaving SexArt, Jonathan Davis continued to build his music career while singing for the music group Korn.[2] Today, as he remains the singer for Korn, Davis has managed to reach the highest levels of success. Following Metallica's footsteps, Korn has become one of the biggest metal groups of all time, as they have cleared more than 35 Million sales worldwide. Davis and his band Korn are currently in line to be a future inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and remain active.

In 1996, following the ending of "SuperModel", Dennis Shinn[6] met Jay Gordon, and Jay Baumgardner, securing the production team to produce debut LP for the band Coal Chamber. From there, Dennis Shinn[7] teamed up with Jay Gordon to start a new band. Dennis Shinn - (drums), Ryan Shuck - (guitar), and Jay Gordon - (bass and vocals), becoming the early stages of the music group Orgy. Later, Dennis Shinn[6] departed from the group to focus on music production. Ryan Shuck remained in the band, and Orgy, were signed onto the Elementree label shortly after Shinn's departure. In 1998, Orgy released their debut album "Candyass", RIAA Certified Platinum, selling almost two (2) million copies worldwide.

Ryan Shuck later departed from Orgy, to start Julien-K. Shuck also made one (1) album with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, titled Dead By Sunrise. Julien-K remain active.

Following the SuperModel band breakup In 1996, David DeRoo and Ray Solis returned to Bakersfield and made a new band, titled Juice. Juice recorded a few demos and played shows extensively, but disbanded in 1999 due to creative differences.

Following the break-up of Juice, David DeRoo along with bandmate Tim Fluckey joined Mark Chavez (Jonathan Davis' half brother) in Adema. In 2001, Adema released their self-titled debut LP, peaking at number 27 on the Billboard Top 200. Adema became RIAA certified Gold in the US and sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Adema remain active, with Ryan Shuck now as their singer.

In 1997, following drum duties and his early departure from Orgy, Dennis Shinn[8] carried out his passion for producing music. As a producer, Shinn helped develop numerous new music groups, rap artists, and singers, while shopping them to record labels. Shinn also fronted a post-punk music group as the lead singer. Dennis Shinn remains a music producer under the name "Aka Menace".

Band Break-Up[edit]

During the years 1992-1993, the band SexArt had been gaining momentum, local buzz, crowd attendance, as well as local radio support.
Around this time is also when the band members of Korn went to watch a show by SexArt, where they spotted Jonathan Davis singing. Davis was approached by the band members of Korn to depart from SexArt and join in a band with them. It was rumored that drug use, and radical behaviors is what initially led to the decision where Jonathan Davis would leave SexArt, and why Dennis Shinn had to kick Ryan Shuck out of the group. Jonathan had mentioned to Dennis that if Dennis weren't to kick Ryan out of the band, then Jonathan said he was leaving. This was before their very last live performance. SexArt's last show they performed with Jonathan as their singer was "Bakersfield's Battle of the Bands". After the show Dennis Shinn kicked Ryan Shuck out of the group minutes after they walked off stage. Dennis went to tell Jonathan it was done, but it was already too late. Jonathan had already hopped into a car and was headed to join with Korn. Dennis Shinn had to walk back into the building and collect the "Battle of The Bands Winner" award on behalf SexArt. Minus Davis, and Shuck, Dennis Shinn, David DeRoo, and Ray Solis were present during the BOTB winner's announcement. A few weeks later, the band all came together to do one last recording of three (3) songs. Immediately following the last SexArt studio session, the band re-joined without Davis, in search of new singer.

October 27, 2017 - Hollywood Bowl Tribute to Chester Bennington concert, Jonathan Davis, and Ryan Shuck performed together on stage for the first time since SexArt's breakup. They performed One Step Closer with surviving members of Linkin Park.[9]


SexArt were never signed to a record label, although creating around fifteen (15) songs. Six (6) of the songs were recorded at the Rick Davis recording studio called "Fat Tracks". The others were recorded on boom box, and/or 4-track recorders. The only released song by SexArt was entitled "Inside", which featured Ty Elam from Videodrone on vocals.[10] The song was released on the Cultivation '92 compilation CD, from the label "A Kick Produkt".[4]

The songs "Follow Me[11] - (now titled Daddy[12]), and Blind", represented by Korn, were originally written by Dennis Shinn and Ryan Shuck. Later Korn were sued by Dennis Shinn for royalties. Both songs had been re-produced, and featured on Korn's 1993 demo tape Neidermayer's Mind, as well as their debut album LP self-titled 1994 debut.

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